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There was quite a worry with some very bad weather as late as the night before, but the day dawned overcast but dry, then turning to a lovely day. I was amazed at the amount of people that attended, but more so by the whole setup. Everything was organized to a very high standard, far in excess of any other function like this that I have attended. Nothing was left lacking and in my opinion it was a fantastic day, enjoyed by all.

A credit to Tongala Township, the R.S.L. and the people that worked to make it a success.

The small rural town of Tongala is right behind the Australian Light Horse as this great  display shows

Photo Courtesy of  Dennis Tocock                                                  The Cast Statue of a Light Horse Trooper

This mural is very large fixed to a brick wall. It measures about 12 x 8 ft

The First Armoured Regiment Association Banner on display showing the battle honors.


3rd.  Cavalry Regiment  Vietnam Association proudly display their banner showing their battle honors


His Excellency Major General Michael Jeffery,  AC,CVO,MC (Ret'd) 

waits for the march past


The Governor General taking the salute


The cadet unit carrying the 24 flags that represent the 24 Armour Veterans that died in Vietnam


The 4 / 19 Prince of Wales Light Horse  Guidon and Escort

Photo Courtesy of  Dennis Tocock

Photo Courtesy of  Dennis Tocock

The  4 / 19 Prince of Wales Light Horse BAND

Spider Webb looking great as the standard bearer for the First Armoured Regiment Association


3Cav Regiment Vietnam Association give the salute


ASLAV at the salute


A.P.C. at the salute


Plaque unveiled by the Governor  General 


Lunch at the R.S.L.


Spider was a 30 year man


The 1950's Group

L. to R.         Don Weedon     John  (J.C. ) Clifford (Navy)     Ian (Wombat) Laurie      Col (Longtac) Filtness       Brian (Spider) Webb

Don and Ian had the distinction of both managing  to roll a Ferret


The Honour Guard 4/19 Prince of Wales Light Horse with the restored Bofors Gun

Photo Courtesy of  Dennis Tocock

Another shot of the Bofors Gun

Photo Courtesy of  Dennis Tocock

The Plaque for the Bofors Gun

The Avenue of Honour extends from the black board at the right of the photo

only half of the Avenue, the right side, can be seen in the photo


The start of the walk thru of the Avenue


The Bofors, Flags and Wreaths


The Band of the 4/19 Prince of Wales Light Horse Regiment


As the Veterans stand at the Memorial Plaque of  fallen comrades

The Lone Piper slowly walks the Avenue of Honour


Plaque of Remembrance



Plaque of Remembrance

Tpr. M.J.Hannaford


ASLAV open for  display


A.P.C. open for display


Second World War Army DUKW

Small kids liked the open display that they could climb all over


So did the big kids.


I am indebted  to Dennis Tocock who was kind enough to supply some photos that had not turned out in my lot