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This is a computer I donated to the Vietnam Veterans Museum

People that want to see what the CD I donated is like, can view it here

The CD run all day long


These models are displayed at the Vietnam Veterans Museum at San Remo Victoria

They were quite cheap


Ferret belonging to the 8 / 13 Vic Mounted Rifles at Bandiana

Note no armament


This one is at Cape Schanck Victoria owned by Howard Bull

Note turret with .30 cal.


Howard also owns this Scaracan

 I saw it doing a hard right turn at full chat in sand, very impressive and frightening


Howard is also the owner of 169063 and that's me having a drive


This is the last of the Hong Kong tanks brought by the Australian Army


Showing the glacis plate and fittings. They had a different windscreen and fittings to the Australian Centurions


The rear showing that it has not had a 100-gallon tank fitted

also note the different tail light assembly


This shows the fittings for the Flex .30 cal  machinegun and mount


This is on an APC but the fitting is the same as the Centurion only the  mount is different


Taken from another angle



This fitting was used early in Vietnam

It allowed the Crew Commander to control and fire the machine gun from inside the turret without exposing himself to much

Its worth noting that he had no protection from small arms or RPG's when exposed


This is 169078 one of the dozers It now rests in Wangaratta with a Bridge layer



Note the repositioned towing lug to give clearance to the dozer blade and equipment



It was called  Ambush


The turret sliding bins or ready bins

They could be refilled from the compartment which is between the front of the bins and the gun


This photo arrived today. 

It was taken last year went I went to the Snowy Mountains for a drive in 169089, owned by Gabe Zulian

I am leaning back on the turret taking some video shots


A good picture of a .30 cal belt loader and box - not many of these left now