An old turret

More interesting bits 

A Treasure Trove

An old Grant 

An old army Dukw

Pair of old hulls


   Landing Vehicle Tracked  (LVT)

Another Grant

Still another Grant

Another  Landing Vehicle Tracked  (LVT)

Another of Ron's planes, he has a few, the wings are all there stored around the yard

John Barker from W.A. told me this is a Canberra Bomber

Here are some of the wings, there are a lot more with engines

This plane is on the driveway into the property

The view as you enter the house yard, the snowcat is on the left and the Yank plane is on the right

Here is a line of old trucks

A few of Ron's Blitz's

Dodge Weapons Carrier, WC 51, 3/4 ton, 4x4

This was a Ferret


Rear view of Ferret

Looks like just about all the bits for a Bren Gun Carrier

Another Bren Gun Carrier hull

Austin Champ These were used by 1st. Armoured Regiment

Cannot id this one.  Again help from Brad Baker - its a Stuart Brilliant!

Front on view

This was once a Ferret

Another Bren Gun Carrier

One of two dozers Ron owns


This is the other one

Below is C/S 3 169035 which is now owned by Ron Schneider of Horsham